The 1972 Presidential Candidate of Change who was a maverick, an agent of change, She was unbought and unbossed and she was a woman of the people – Who wanted to unite ALL of America.

Barack Obama – wants to bring CHANGE to America like nobody before. I WANT TO BE LIKE SHIRLEY CHISHOLM.

Jon McCain wants to be a Maverick – who takes an independent stand apart from his or her associates and make change come about. I WANT TO BE LIKE SHIRLEY CHISHOLM.

Joe Biden – Wants to be the man who is the pride of the people… America’s common man who had made it in America. I WANT TO BE LIKE SHIRLEY CHISHOLM.

Sarah Palin wants to be unbougt and unbossed by not appropriately answering or responding to the media and political establishment running her own agenda seems to be her favorite past-time when she’ out stomping her campaign politics and voicing her opinions.  I WANT TO BE LIKE SHIRLEY CHISHOLM.

Hillary Clinton…well she’s a New Yorker just as Shirley Chisholm was.

Shirley Chisholm the first and the best…Finally after 36 years they have finally found their way to the Chisholm Trail, she was a political genius who was ahead of her time.

She was the inspirational Leader who wanted to unite this country called America.

Bless her soul and her Dreams for this country. She will always be our political leader of change, Always.

Well….I want to be like shirley Chisholm too…

Joseph Edgecombe