There are both race and class issues Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever and the Henry Louis Gates Incident & Racial Profiling

August 6, 2009

There are both race and class issues here in the gates case – the situation is a perfect example of the black situation an America – of black American professionals both older and younger… trying to live the American dream but constantly have their dreams turned into nightmares via institutional Racism and / or the acceptance of deviant (American freedoms) behavior by establishment types or what is sometimes called white establishments, people or (old boy) club/networks. In 1991 Wesley Snipes played the (generally true) role of an aspiring black architect at a white only architectural firm who did not want to promote Wesley snipes to partner after he spent years helping the company grow, they hired more large populations of white people and continued to use Wesley Snipes as a token black employee. After Snipes huge effort for advocating the hiring of more people of color were denied over time and seeing the covert, subtle, or indirect racism discrimination and prejudice that was the accepted culture of the company as well as After arguing (in a very upset manner), that he was the one that was responsible for the generation of growth of the company (because of the designs that he generated), and that the company will miss him as an important factor(in meetings/Presentations) his actions were belittled therefore-Wesley snipes decided to quit, soon after… while in a white social setting… a call was made to the police about a possible disturbance, Wesley Snipes was nearly shot in the head by white police officers who did not take the time to assess the situation in the proper manner. Americans need to learn from the past in order to move America ahead and presidential candidate Shirley Chisholm provided the country with this leadership we have to follow her lead not only the current trend or hype and not cover-up the factors that helped change this country for the better.


In the city of Boston institutional racism is part of the culture at the Boston (anti) Architectural Center (BAC) and/or the so-called Boston Architectural College, where the address of diversity and racial issues are not emphasized and is ignored which is quit opposite to atmosphere in many other colleges that emphasize race and diversity. The BAC has a token Oreo-like black as president which they use as a power to continue to belittle, degrade and detour black students because the culture of racism, institutional racism and the acceptance of the deviant behavior racism that has not been addressed is covered up or swept under the rug and still exists at the school which has the careless way of turning black American dreams into nightmares which leads to economic poverty in America and the underdevelopment of our cities, neighborhoods and urban communities and the loss of the American Dream. At the BAC Negative- counter productivity trumps the productive good leading the school to now be in a failed state of existence. I hope that the Cambridge police department does not follow the policy of mis-leadership and misguidance of institutions like the Boston architectural center/college. But in order to resolve this situation in Boston/the Boston area (Cambridge), In a city which has often been called racist, we should inquire or investigate as to what are Boston top racist institutions… The BAC I believe is the top, and I hope the Cambridge Police department is not following closely in second place.

The only thing that saved Wesley Snipes -Architect (of dreams) was a white woman (girlfriend). It would seem that if Henry Louis Gates had a white woman or another white person there to save him he may not have been degraded and arrested.

Joseph Edgecombe


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