Racial Profiling & Institutional Racism/Oppression – Centers of Racism in Boston:

August 12, 2009

WHAT IS BOSTONS TOP RACIST INSTITUTION – THE BOSTON ARCHITECTIRAL CENTER??….What are the 9 other racist institutions?? The Boston Police?? The Cambridge Police Dept.?? or is the problem with City or Leadership.

Recognizing & Eradicating Racism in Boston, JUNGLE FEVER 2009 – Gates v. Boston Area Politics, An Urban Drama, (reflections on the 1991 teachable moment).

 The Case of the Young Black Architects/students, Racial Profiling, and the issues of Prof. Henry Louis, Gates Officer Crowley, our President Barack Obama and Justin Barrett.


Officer Crowley in trespassing on Professor gates property and showed him no respect at all , its disgraceful conduct on the officer Crowley’s part and this lack of respect for the property and the standing of professor gates was a critical violation of civil rights, property rights human rights, and ethical conduct, a call was based on unconfirmed information does not give the police the right to disturb the peace and create havoc in a peaceful community. The officer had NO right to pursue the situation the way he did. The cane , the luggage, the slight limp that Mr. gates has and the age of Mr. gates would lead anyone with common sense to not pursue an arrest. Trespassing: is the crime of unlawfully entering another person’s property without permission or authority. Interfering with an owner or legal tenant’s use of their property, such as enclosing a portion of another’s land, also constitutes trespass. Trespass is usually a criminal misdemeanor, and is also a crime from which a victim may recover monetary damages. Let me set the facts strait. This whole situation is a case of JUNGLE FEVER the teachable moment was in 1991 but we have not learned from our past, therefore America is still making mistakes…Spike Lee may have failed to ensure that his movie sent the right message …not the message a black and white male/female relationships as “jungle fever”, but instead the more important issues of “surviving in the world of the urban/business jungle” or the hectic everyday social/business and work world which has a host of race and class issues connected to advancing, being accepted or being denied for what we all work (hard) for which are successful careers without the tragedy of having you career or your name/reputation torn apart because… it’s a jungle out there!, and during intense times or delicate situations we all are susceptible or may come down with a case of “Jungle Fever” overacting, displaying rudeness, spite or bigotry etc., when it is uncalled for. Jungle Fever is “different” than….racism which some call showing your “true colors” (true personality) which often means a person with a racist personality or actions/racist. Jungle Fever (an aggressive uncalled for attitude and/or destructive action) may not be racism but it is a very serious problem in America. If Jungle Fever is not addressed, swept under the rug or glossed over as non-racial acts, when dealing with racial satiations Jungle fever could easily turn into racism or institutionalized racism which is the act of covering up or denying racial situations, race history or racial issues… especially when there are facts and studies regarding other related racial situations, incidents or cases. The Henry Louis gates case is a classic prime example of both the race and class issues of black Americans striving to live the American dream and having their dreams turned into nightmares because of institutional racism and / or the acceptance of covert, subtle or indirect racism in America, another good general example is the experience of black architects. In the movie jungle fever Wesley Snipes played the role of a token black architect in a white (only) architectural firm. After years of helping the company grow from a small company to a large company which hired large groups of white people Wesley snipes was refused promotion to become a partner with the company, as well snipes advocated for more people of color to be hired…but to no avail. Soon after… (while in a white social setting)… a call was made to the police about a possible disturbance, Wesley Snipes (Architect/successful urban (Black/minority) professional) was nearly shot in the head by white police officers who did not take the time to assess the situation in the proper manner. Racial profiling does not only take place in the streets, but also in our businesses, educational institutions and other organizations in America and the city of Boston is often labeled as the most racist city in America, although not outright as in the Cambridge police situation, somehow racism still seems to survive and live within the daily operations of modern times By the actions of officer Barret, it would seem the Boston police dept may be following the BAC in second place instead of the Cambridge police dept. but for sure the so-called Boston Architectural College/center needs to stop avoiding and ignoring racial issues and stop building up a track record of unresolved racial issues, The racial situation is a national architectural issue in the Country, but the BAC continues to sweep these issues under the red carpet, while having others walk on top of the red carpet. That’s why the BAC is holding on to the #1 top spot as Boston’s most racist institution.

Joseph Edgecombe (overview)


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