The assasination of Americas most teachable historic moment & Henry Louis Gates v. Boston area politics

August 13, 2009

Recognizing & Eradicating Racism in Boston, JUNGLE FEVER 2009 – Gates v. Boston Area Politics, An Urban Drama, (Reflections on the 1991 teachable moment by Spike Lee).

The Mayor needs to open his eyes: Boston’s top Racist Institutions & Jungle Fever 2009 or Racism‏.

A Boston police officer suspended for calling Henry Louis Gates Jr. a “banana-eating jungle monkey” in an e-mail to the Boston Globe and the National Guard has filed a federal suit against the city, citing a violation of his  rights leading to mental ills.

The Mayor needs to open his eyes: beyond degrading or coming down on suspended/officer Justin Barret, In a city which has often been called racist, we should inquire or investigate as to what are Boston top racist institutions… The BAC – Boston Architectural Center/College is actualy the center of racism, and is the top racist institute in boston, and I hope the Boston Police Dept, & Cambridge Police department is not following closely in second and third  place. 

By the actions of officer Barret, it would seem the Boston police dept may be following the BAC in second place instead of the Cambridge police dept. but for sure the Boston Architectural Center needs to stop avoiding racial issues and stop building up a track record of unresolved racial issues.

The racial situation is a national architectural issue in the Country, but the BAC continues to sweep these issues under the red carpet, while having others walk on top of the red carpet.

That’s why the BAC is holding on to the #1 top spot as Boston’s most racist institution.

WHAT ARE BOSTON’S TOP  10 RACIST INSTITUTIONS – THE BOSTON ARCHITECTURAL CENTER??….What are the 9 other racist institutions?? The Boston Police?? The Cambridge Police Dept.?? or is the problem with City Leadership.

The Case of the Young Black Architects/students, as related to Racial Profiling, and the issues of Prof. Henry Louis, Gates Officer Crowley, our President Barack Obama and Justin Barrett and the Assasination of American History/Black American Political History.

In the city of Boston institutional racism is part of the culture at the Boston (anti) Architectural Center (BAC) and/or the so-called Boston Architectural College, where the address of diversity and racial issues are not emphasized and is ignored which is quit opposite to atmosphere in many other colleges that emphasize race and diversity. The BAC has a token Oreo-like black as president which they use as a power to continue to belittle, degrade and detour black students because the culture of racism, institutional racism and the acceptance of the deviant behavior racism that has not been addressed is covered up or swept under the rug and still exists at the school which has the careless way of turning black American dreams into nightmares which leads to economic poverty in America and the underdevelopment of our cities, neighborhoods and urban communities and the loss of the American Dream. At the BAC Negative- counter productivity trumps the productive good leading the school to now be in a failed state of existence. I hope that the Cambridge police department does not follow the policy of mis-leadership and misguidance of institutions like the Boston architectural center/college. But in order to resolve this situation in Boston/the Boston area (Cambridge), In a city which has often been called racist, we should inquire or investigate as to what are Boston top racist institutions… The BAC I believe is the top, and I hope the Cambridge Police department is not following closely in second place.

America need to learn from the past in order to move America ahead and Presidential Candidate – Shirley Chisholm the Political-Architect of our time – provided the country with this leadership  in her 1972 Presidential Campaign, we have to follow her lead not only the current Presidential trend or hype and therefore America should not cover-up the factors that helped change this country for the better. Professor/ Politician Shirley Chisholm, Educator & Political-Architect in her prolific Campaign gave us the most teachable moment in American history, let us not have american culture be turned into an uneducated cuture due to the problems of the American/Political Media Complex, Institutional Racism and the assasination of Americas most teachable historical moment – 1972.

Joseph Edgecombe, Boston


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