Shifting Corruption from Africa to America:

August 15, 2009

Shifting corruption from africa to america: Hillary clinton speaks out on political corruption in america while touring africa, Hillary clinton speaks out on american style corruption in american politics from the platform of her africa trip.

American political media is often quick to imply that that ther is corruption in africa in the general continent or within Africa’s various countries, implying that corrutiion and /or political corruption if a foriegn affair and not a national amaricam problem or topical issues of concern within america. Corruption is a major concern to much of the Black/african-american Community in the United States because it is directly related to the politics of the dominant/ruling class and racism, predudice and discrimination and racketeering which must be brought to an end in in america. Hillarry Clinton has stated a truth which the american media often denies or regards as anon-important issue in America, Hillary Clinton has now taken a stand on corruption in America, which reminds us all that the work, presidential campain agenda  and strong stand or  message of Shirley Chisholm has not been forgotten. This now broadens many the narrow-minded perspectives of many in the political-media and within various industries of the United States and perhaps will bring more address to the State of America today.

Link to Video:

Hillary Clinton, still in Africa, compares Nigeria\’s rigged elections to Bush vs. Gore


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