Political-Architects of Change, Nation Builders – Winners of the Good Fight: Edward / Ted Kennedy joins Shirley Chisholm in rest…

August 31, 2009



Nation Builders – Winners of the Good Fight: Edward / Ted Kennedy joins Shirley Chisholm in rest… after fighting the good fight as the Political- Architects of Change and Modernization in America.

On Friday the 28th & Saturday August 29th many people as well as many of our well known past and present Democratic leaders and others said farewell to our Sen. Ted Kennedy in Boston, another political champion in American-Politics Shirley Chisholm would have been there also, but we can be sure she was watching from above. Now with both Shirley Chisholm and Ted Kennedy gone…. “The dream still lives on”…Sen. Ed. Kennedy (2008 DNC speech).

Ted Kennedy joins Shirley Chisholm as a champion for the cause of the needs people of this country, both have been magnetic, inspirational, tireless and outspoken leaders – dedicated the political renaissance of changing the backward state of the Divided State of America before the transitional times of the 1960’s to the new Progressive/Inclusive era of a United States after the 1960’s. Both overcame many odds to gain national political office during to 1960’s and rose to become the voice of the people in Washington DC by running effective Post 60’s Presidential Campaigns or agenda and both successfully-winning Congressional or Senatorial campaigns during the 60’s, Both of their timelines led America out of the turbulent, divided and deadly and uncivilized 1960’s which created a more progressive era and country for all Americans during the 1970’s (and 80’s). Both embraced a New Philosophies and ideologies for a new era for a Modern America instead of an antiquated America which would not live up to the words of the American Constitution. Equality – Equal Rights, Justice, Human Rights, and Civil Rights belongs to everyone in this country not just the privileged and preferred by class bias, by dominant race/ethnicity or dominant gender. Both Kennedy and Chisholm have fought “the good fight” better than all of their piers. “The Good Fight”…by Shirley Chisholm 1973.

We have a solid Foundation laid by the Political-Architects of Change and the new revolutionary evolution – in general born out of the urban-social and political events of the l950’s and 60’s both Kennedy and Chisholm:

Congresswoman/US Representative Shirley Anita Hill Chisholm, 1924-2005, US Senator Edward Moore Kennedy, 1932-2009

We have been left with the responsibility of being the Architects of the Dreams of the future of this country called the United States of America… with great loss comes great responsibility, an Architectural Responsibility….Joseph C. Edgecombe


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