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From Shirley Chisholm 1972 to Barack Obama 2008: Campaigns for Change in America

The 36 Year Struggle to Create Change in America Our American Nation –

Joseph C Edgecombe,           

Educating America: People, Power & Politics


BLACK ARCHITECTURE MONTH 2009:The 36 Year Struggle


A National Campaign for Community Development & Rebuilding America Movement/Plan



This conference investigates the progress of America and the African-Americans as a community of progressive people in the United States as well as  the Afro-American /Black (& minority) Architect, Designer/planner on the architectural scene / world landscape – also the course verifies through reading and participation, we analyze weather Afro- American (Architectural) professionals  are part of the American Infrastructure or American Dream and history, or are they a part of  American Myths and fallacy of a fictional non-factual American propaganda of invisibility of Racial diversity. The question of an American Crisis in world architectural diversity and being a class of survivalist – composed or outcast culture or world invisibility who are juxtaposed to the mainstream American dream is also in question as we form the foundation and frontiers of this new millennium of society and culture.

The symposium/ conference and festival is a weekly experience into the world of progressive architecture/development and progressive urban/community planning – establishing a standard guide or foundation of understanding of how these professionals manage to survive and compete to be in the successful mainstream of business and events. Black/Afro-American Architectural Professionals are facing a world built against them and this course is pursues how to go about creating awareness and consciousness of cultural heritage / U.S. historical progress. The near turn of the century progress which makes this country a factual whole and not a fictional glossed over reality – superficial nation or false image based myth generating culture is also studied in projecting the next century of architecture and culture in U.S. /American and world cultures.

Ebbing into the future and leaping into the future is a question of architecture and race as the class progresses we will verify and study if the black race has been handicapped and held back from this architectural leap into the future, present mainstream business/recognition and technical and artistic dream.

The question of foreign and white American dominance is studied, as we verify the creative genius and power of this country and who possesses it and why America has chosen not to promote the creative architectural/artistic genius of the population and profession of black architecture.

Americans economic Power and pride also belongs to black America, but if black architecture/culture is outcast an a victim of racism, disempowerment and a history of neglect – is America losing it’s world identification, place, power and viability as a progressive nation? Email: