May 10, 2012


Boycott The BAC!!

End the unfair & unethical practices at the Boston Architectural  College/Center (night school) that deprive Black Americans/other minorities of color of the rights for promotion, advancement and fair treatment. 

END RACISM IN BOSTON: Black American issues must be included and resolved not excluded and dismissed by architectural educational institutions. After 20-30 years of struggle for Diversity in Boston – the BAC continues to drive time backwards by displaying an all white-only student/building signage-advertisement which excludes Black Americans and other minorities struggling to be recognized as architectural achievers.

April 27, 2012 Obama to Cracks Down on Deceptive Practices by Colleges That Recruit Veterans “The Chronicle of Higher Education” – But he miss the target his efforts and miss the target and fails to address the needs of Black/African-Americans… who have become victims of corrupt and deceptive institutions such as the Anti-Black Boston Architectural Night/School-College/Center of passive-racism and disrespect.

ENDING RACISM IN BOSTON: Black American issues must be included and resolved not excluded and dismissed by architectural educational institutions

Protest and rally against racist building poster/banner-advertisement, institutional misconduct and deception/fraudulence at the segregated Boston Architectural Night-College/ center that promotes – a white-only image and vision and architecture and the city of Boston.

We need to change the architecture business /professional and industry by not promoting the same white-only images that were prevalent during the 1980’s. The time for critical address and change has come and we cannot let deviant-escapist/racist culture continue to dominate the future of Boston and America.

We need to end racism in Boston by targeting racist institutions that promote hidden subliminal racist advertisement /propaganda and marketing that promotes a white-only image/vision of architecture and the city of Boston. Our passive Mayor Menino is blind to the facts of racism in Boston as well as BAC president Ted Landsmark.

Therefore we the people and leadership of Black Boston must protest against racist activities at problematic, dysfunctional/racist, predominately white-elitist institutions such as The Boston Architectural Night-College/ center of (new form) racism in Boston.

We must be active in emphasizing that hidden and subliminal/covert racism is unacceptable, and covering-up racist – hostile, prejudiced acts of misconduct by staff/faculty and administration will not be tolerated.

We must Change the negative-abusive/racist culture at problematic educational institutions such as the (racist) Boston Architectural Night-School /College and therefore address the failed leadership of racist and prejudiced institutions & organizations around Boston by asking the failed leaders – often token Black Americans such as Ted Landmark to step down, resign and make room for new leadership, new direction and new vision.

Joseph Edgecombe – National Urban Affairs Architect/Scholar, BSBM/BSIB

END RACISM IN BOSTON: Black American issues must be included and resolved not excluded and dismissed by architectural educational institutions after 20-30 years of struggle for diversity.


Boycott the BAC!!
Doing the Wrong Thing: The BAC – Boston Architectural Center (of racism) fails to “do the right thing”! The BAC has failed to promote the image of Black/African-American student-architects and other minorities on huge buil…ding/wall advertisement.Unwelcoming to Black Americans: Since the racial issues/problems and challenges of the all-white is right 1980’s and after over 20-30 years of struggle for progress for diversity and acceptance there is still “No change and No Representation” for the promotion/advertisement of the image of Black Americans at the BAC – Boston Architectural Center (of racism)/night school continues to advance a white-only policy of promotion/advancement & marketing by hanging a huge white-only student advertisement.