June 19, 2012 – Boston Globe
The President of Roxbury Community College, Terrence Gomes, said Monday that he would step down, a move that followed weeks of allegations…..(oversight issues).
At another institution in Boston – Ted Landsmarks oversights led to the hanging/promotion of a racist building poster/banner-advertisement, much due to institutional misconduct and deception/fraudulence that has been going on for meny years/recent past –  at the segregated Boston Architectural Night-College/ center that promotes – a white-only image and vision and architecture and the City of Boston.
The center of racism in Boston: The Boston Arcitectural Center/night school (college/old boys club)
“Ted Landsmark is not an Architect” and therefore not qualified to represent the struggle of the Black American architectural students and/or aspiring architectural/business professionals.

He has not faced stonewalling/institutional racism and deceptive tactics that Black/African-Americans and other Urban/Minority groups face in the white -only-elitist/racist field as architecture or biased/ white-dominated educational institutions of architectural education.
Ted Landsmark – unqualified- outsider/non-architect fails to address race and diversity issues (of) and the problems regarding the advancement & promotion of Black/African-Americans and other Urban/Minority groups.
Ted Landsmark is not an Architect, although he  has been promoted architectural area/education he in not an Architect, he is an outsider, he has never worked in an architects office or any other related architecture/design engineering work/office-professional area, and as well he holds no credit or zero credit/status with NCARB/AIA in Washington DC, he has never completed any internship-training/study-certificate towards becoming an architect and he has never filed any credit towards becoming an architect or towards working in the architectural/related field therefore he is a complete outsider who lacks work experience, background,  professional or intern credit.
Ted Landmark therefore he lacks the knowledge and education  of the experience  of the need and issues of black architects and aspiring/younger black architects/students, interns, graduates and pre-graduates who are facing race and diversity issues and problems in educational institution that are based on the  white icon/ white – only model of the white American architect/propaganda.
Slightly related education/experience is completely unacceptable therefore he never should have been considered for – or given any position at all in the architectural field/education or organization especially if it is a work/study related area (such as the BAC).
In conclusion it is quite easy to state that Ted Landsmark is definitely not qualified to handle the responsibility of the needs and concerns of  aspiring Black- American architectural professionals because he is not a part of the architectural community, as an outsider he is completely disconnected from the critical issues of architectural advancement/promotion of the Black-American architect or aspiring experienced /emerging architect of color – because he does not have any experience working in the architectural business/for white-dominated architectural/related firms.
To cover-up and not expose the fact that he/TedLansmark is not an architect would be a crime. There is a huge difference between and outsider like Lansmark who is not an architect and Black Americans who have studied worked and scarified for many years in a white-only/dominated profession to become an architect or to work in architectural related business, firms or organization.
He has been given his time as an unqualified-outsider/token-black and the time has now come for him to step down, resign and make way for new leadership.
Joseph Edgecombe, Policy Architect/Leader

Boycott The BAC!!

End the unfair & unethical practices at the Boston Architectural  College/Center (night school) that deprive Black Americans/other minorities of color of the rights for promotion, advancement and fair treatment. 

END RACISM IN BOSTON: Black American issues must be included and resolved not excluded and dismissed by architectural educational institutions. After 20-30 years of struggle for Diversity in Boston – the BAC continues to drive time backwards by displaying an all white-only student/building signage-advertisement which excludes Black Americans and other minorities struggling to be recognized as architectural achievers.

April 27, 2012 Obama to Cracks Down on Deceptive Practices by Colleges That Recruit Veterans “The Chronicle of Higher Education” – But he miss the target his efforts and miss the target and fails to address the needs of Black/African-Americans… who have become victims of corrupt and deceptive institutions such as the Anti-Black Boston Architectural Night/School-College/Center of passive-racism and disrespect.

ENDING RACISM IN BOSTON: Black American issues must be included and resolved not excluded and dismissed by architectural educational institutions

Protest and rally against racist building poster/banner-advertisement, institutional misconduct and deception/fraudulence at the segregated Boston Architectural Night-College/ center that promotes – a white-only image and vision and architecture and the city of Boston.