The BAC Boston Apartheid Center is the Boston Achitectural Center/ Night College

April 22, 2013

Failed Black Lawyer Ted Landsmark fails to address racial discrimination/oppression and abuse of Black Alumni/students (graduates) at the all- white only educational institution called the Boston Architectural College/Center. Over the present and past years The BAC now defined themselves as The BAC Boston Apartheid Center of racism, discrimination and abuse has continued to promote the white only image and vision of architectural student/professionals,achievers and varous building advertisements and huge building posters.

Boycott The BAC!!

The BAC and the AIA continue fail in addressing and promoting diversity/Black/Americans in Architecture over the past 30 years.

“False/over-promoted black people/professionals (tokens) cannot change the face of Architecture”

Joseph Edgecombe, Architectural Scholar/Educator-Professional, Leader

BAC President fails to address oversight issues regarding Black student/alumni(graduates)/professionals Ted Landsmarks oversights led to the hanging/promotion of a racist building poster/banner-advertisement, much due to institutional misconduct and deception/fraudulent that has been going on for many years/recent past – at the segregated Boston Architectural Night-College/ center that continually promotes – a white-only image and vision and architecture and the City of Boston.

The center of racism in Boston: The Boston Architectural Center/night school (college/old boys club)

Joseph Edgecombe BS Business Administration/Management (BAC Oversight Committee Member/Alumni 2000)


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