Welcome to the future
The FactXchange also known as FACTS Communications & Design R&D has was founded in 1992 by Joseph Edgecombe, Associated Consutants, Black Afro-American/minority professionals and other Unique-diverse professionals. The goals of the association are to bring an end to injustices and inequlity to the world or everyone using the leadership, creative, cultural and business talents to address world and national /community needs in order to bring about architectural change and development to the world and be on the forefront and cutting edge of pioneering problem solving solutions to community and world crisis using Revolutionary Developments  & Technolgy for change.
The  FactXchange uses a nation of infomation to document and develope, facilitate resources, media, production and educational architectures necessary to culturally build a constructive New World Environment in address of social, economic and cultural problems or injustices..in order to bring about Revolutionary Change for a better society and world.

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