Abolitionist Leader,Publisher & Speaker -William Lloyd Garrison was the First to make a critical address about Independence Day in America  in 1829 and what needed to be done to address slavery in the country to bring about True Freedom for all in America, Twenty-three years later  in 1852 Frderick Douglas Addressed the same topic in a speech as well.

Garrison’s Antislavery Address
Park Street Church, July 4, 1829

Garrison’s Four Propositions, Introduced at Park Street Church:

1. Above all others, slaves in America deserve “the prayers, and sympathies, and charities of the American people.”

2. Non-slave-holding states are “constitutionally involved in the guilt of slavery,” and are obligated “to assist in its overthrow.”    

3. There is no valid legal or religious justification for the preservation of slavery.

4. The “colored population” of America should be freed, given an education, and accepted as equal citizens with whites.

I call upon the ambassadors of Christ everywhere to make known this proclamation: ‘Thus saith the Lord God of the Africans, Let this people go, that they may serve me.’”
—William Lloyd Garrison, July 4, 1829.

Four decades before the United States Congress amended the Constitution to outlaw slavery, Park Street Church played a significant role in the American abolitionist movement. In 1823, Park Street began hosting an antislavery lecture series dedicated to raising funds for African missions. Held annually on Independence Day for six years, the series gathered many Bostonians in the spirit of benevolence towards “a long divided and suffering people.” At the conclusion of the series in 1829, organizers invited a twenty-three year old newspaper editor named William Lloyd Garrison to give the final lecture. In what was Garrison’s first public address, the famous abolitionist eagerly accepted the invitation and delivered a monumental speech from the Park Street pulpit. 

His address, entitled “Dangers to the Nation,” introduced a bold new approach to the antislavery effort. Referring to the words of the Declaration of Independence, Garrison declared America to be shamefully hypocritical for simultaneously celebrating the notion that “all men are born equal” while keeping two million slaves in “hopeless bondage.” He then charged all Americans with the moral obligation to demand an end to the “national sin” of slavery. “Let us, then, be up and doing,” he urged his listeners. “Sound the trumpet of alarm and plead eloquently for the rights of man.” By presenting four powerful propositions that laid the foundation for a new drive for emancipation, Garrison turned his afternoon lecture at Park Street Church into what historian Henry Mayer calls “an epochal moment in the history of freedom.”

To understand the significance of Garrison’s Park Street address, it is helpful to know that few Americans supported the abolitionist cause in the 1820’s. Though many believed slavery was wrong, there seemed no way to eradicate it without breaking apart the national Union. As a result, the vast majority took a stance of toleration and believed that the issue should be handled by the local rather than the federal government. Even in Massachusetts, where slaves were freed in 1781 and antislavery sentiment was strong, most citizens did not feel responsible for the practice of slavery outside their own state. Thus, anyone at the time who called for a national mandate to ban slavery in slaveholding states was considered a reckless extremist. For the most part, those who spoke against slavery advocated a policy of compensating slave masters and sending their freed slaves back to Africa where they could live in designated colonies.

After his Park Street Address, Garrison rose to national prominence as he continued to press hard for abolition. In 1831, he organized the New England Anti-Slavery Society, which demanded that slaves be immediately freed and treated equally with whites. That same year he established the famous abolitionist newspaper The Liberator, in which he announced, “On this subject, I do not wish to think, or speak, or write, with moderation…I will not retreat a single inch—and I will be heard.” Completely uncompromising and purposely inflammatory, Garrison attracted many angry critics in both the North and the South. Yet his tireless effort for emancipation and equal rights helped pave the way for the abolishment of slavery in 1866. 





The 19th Century Movement By the People:

                        THE ARCHITECTS OF FREEDOM AND LIBERATION TRAIL          

 (The Liberators Trail – Boston’s Roots)



The Glorious Cause of the 19th Century

From Joseph C. Edgecombe, Urban History Scholar


The 19th Century – The Evolutionary Years of America

Once upon a time in the United States of America, when the Country was still young, Patriotic Glory rose to a higher level of the responsibility of the activities and pursuits of Americas citizens – not the politicians but the people, America was not only divided between the states of the north and the south, but in the Rights and the Wrongs of a people in a thriving society and a growing nation. Therefore America needed a cause a Glorious Cause which would bring the society into  a much more Civilized State and Abolitionist and Anti-slavery proponents filled this need for America to strive for  a country where all are free to build their own futures. The new Visionaries of America struggled for the liberation and freedom of those that did not have it and rallied against those who took advantage of those freedoms. This was The Glorious Cause – A Visionary cause and philosophy led by Abolitionist – the people that would bring about A New Nation, A new republic and a new democracy for all – a society that is not just for the gentlemen of property and standing.


As Tribute to the Architects of Freedom and Country when The True Revolution was the Glorious Cause – The Intersection of Americas Crossroad to Freedom – Led by The Abolitionist.

The Predecessors of Change: Before Abraham Lincoln and Before Barack Obama there were others:


Black History Month Event:

On Wednesday, 25 February 2009, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM at the Massachusetts Historical Society,

Joseph Edgecombe, Independent Urban Scholar, will lead a Brown Bag Discussion on Historic Change Hosted by MHS “Change 101: Architects and Founders, the Dynamic Politics of William Lloyd Garrison and Shirley Chisholm”

Barack Obama’s recent wave of political popularity has taken the country by storm his rise onto the political scene during the past two years has been somewhat of an amazing experience for most Americans and the world. By winning the democratic nomination for president and then nominated for President elect Obama moved on to be inaugurated president of the United States on January 20th. 2009 in a very historic manner. The momentum of consecutive support by the American public has given him a political platform that not many have shared. Public admiration has catapulted him into the American and world spotlight as he proposes to act on his campaign promises to bring change to America and address not only the nation’s economic crisis but the social agenda of bringing the country together on common goals. Historic figures such as John Kennedy, FDR, and Abraham Lincoln have been referred to as comparative or similar historical figures or leaders as well as Civil Rights Movement magnet Maltin Lither King.

Mass media has controlled the past two years of news coverage along with the acceptance of new generation media and internet technologies. Barack was not well known from the start and the public was taken by his dressed look, slim profile and somewhat articulate or very good speaking manner. The change agenda eventually dominated the campaign agenda during the campaign season and all candidates’ agreed that America needed to be changed and America has many problems to be addressed even the international community welcomed the change agenda for America.

 The discussion will be based around the questions of what is so wrong with America that everybody wants to bring about change to such a historically rich country, what’s the Problem? Is it assassination or neglect of true leaders or is America’s leadership and politics based on winning a popularity contest based on rhetoric themes of hope instead of fact.

Nelson Mandela is a true transformational political world figure and leader who has created change not only in South Africa or on the African continent but also worldwide. Has America ever has any leaders of change who had risen to the national and world spotlight? If so why have they been assassinated by mainstream media, does America have a problem fitting into world and cultural leadership because without the past we would not have our present or the future?

The Predecessors of Change: is the topic as we investigate the question Has America forgotten about the true Architects and Founders of change who addressed and created the change necessary in this country for the American democracy to still exist over for over 200 years under a constitution (and bill of rights) that has always in question of living up to its truthfulness and especially its meaning and obligations to Black/African-America (Afro-Americans). Mistakes were made at the Presidential Inauguration/Swearing In – does black America now have an opportunity to contest issues and rights that have been neglected by mainstream institutional establishments and does black America now have a voice?

Both Shirley Chisholm and William Lloyd Garrison are Historic American and World figures and leaders of Change during the critical times that changed America for the better so why have they been overlooked during today’s so-called time of change. Is it not time for Shirley Chisholm again?

Time for Shirley ChisholmThe Great Shirley Chisholm       

April 6, 2008

The Assassination of Shirley Chisholm…The Great EQUALIZER…and Reformer…in address of a dysfunctional United States of America.
Jesse Ventura Thinks Outside the Box!… and the Political Assassination of Shirley Chisholm in the Political Media Complex of the United States. Ventura makes statements/remarks not only of not only physical Assassination but of Political Assassination. 
Is the great Shirley Chisholm our  Presidential- Political Leader and Icon of change in America the victim of assassination by the Political/Media Complex? Is this type of assassination Institutional Racism??
Are there major problems with Americas institutions of because of the lack of Recognition of a World History Figure, Icon and Pioneer as Shirley Chisholm is??
Is the United States still the Divided States socialy racially, economically and politically because of the Assasination of Shirley Chisholm by the Political Media Complex of America.
Due to the political fiasco of the Bush Administration (Katrina etc…)and the Racial Dilemma that the country has today…is it Time for a Shirley Chisholm’s philosophies’  again in order to Educate America on social and political policy in order to build a better America and form a more perfect union and bring equality and justice back to America.
Today’s Candidates…
The Democratic Presidential Candidates: The Catalyst for Change Era Founded in 1972  by Political Architect and Pioneer Shirley Chisholm – A Leadership Example and Model for Today’s Cadidates in  The Presidential Campaign for 2008.


On THE DREAM …….???


NoW…Lets really be Honest and i mean Really!!


Who will carry on the dream of Shirley Chisholm’s Legacy CLINTON or OBAMA…???


Our Next President must carry on the Political Agenda of Political ICON..Shirley Chisholm… instead of trying to copy her campaign and steal her lines and campaign agenda….LET US GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE!


LET US STICK TO THE FACTS… of the New Political Era which Shirley Chisholm founded.


As Political Pioneer Shirley Chisholm Stated in 1972 Presidential Campaign against Richard Nixon, On the News program ISSUES and ANSWERS…Show “Time for Shirley Chisholm” When she was asked if she would accept The V.P. Position??


She stated….


She is running for the Presidency of the United States…and you can believe that.


Political Racism is still alive and we must look to our political LEADER SHIRLEY CHISHOLM Who addressed and conquered all of these issues and created much needed change in American so others like Barack Obama could follow in her footsteps.


“You don’t make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas.”     -Shirley Chisholm (1924-2005)



People are looking both Leadership and Change in the direction of the Country… so I would say Follow the Leader.. and this will define the Victorious Candidate.


In a career that boasted a number of impressive ‘firsts,’ Shirley St. Hill Chisholm seized upon and expanded the political opportunities available to women and African-Americans in the aftermath of  desegregation and the civil rights legislation of the 1960’s


Power House, Shirley Chisholm,

American politician, the first African American woman to be elected to the U.S. Congress, and run for the Democratic Nomination to the Presidency of the United States in 1972.


“I am a candidate for the Presidency of the United States. I make that statement proudly, in the full knowledge that, as a black person and as a female person, I do not have a chance of actually gaining that office in this election year. I make that statement seriously, knowing that my candidacy itself can change the face and future of American politics — that it will be important to the needs and hopes of every one of you — even though, in the conventional sense, I will not win.”

— June 4, 1972


Mrs. Chisholm was an outspoken, steely educator-turned-politician who shattered racial and gender barriers as she became a national symbol of liberal politics in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Over the years, she also had a way of making statements that angered the establishment,



Follow the Chisholm Trail: The current (Democratic) Candidates lack the stage presence, articulate, and powerful electrifying performance of true Leaders such as Shirley Chisholm.

The original change candidate has already made history but the American press and political news media/shows seems to be in denial or non-recognition of the history of this – our American country


In the 70’s Shirley Chisholm founded the new America… which the media is trying to deny or destroy…

The similarities of Vietnam and Iraq and the Nixon era politics and Bush era politics and the politics of Black America cannot be denied… and therefore the founder of the Change Campaign of Shirley Chisholm (and democratic nominee George McGovern) cannot be neglected.


A Country that cannot build upon its past cannot construct a future.


In the memory and honor of Shirley Chisholm’s Groundbreaking and Landmark Campaign for Change, and as the 1972 Chisholm trail – Presidential Campaign – trail-blazed the path through-out this country for others such as Jesse Jackson and Barack Obama. I hope to set the record straight by establishing that the foundation, founder and catalyst for change is and was the 1st black/woman  presidential candidate Shirley Chisholm, and now hope that Barack Obama carries on the baton that has been passed to him for change in this country as well.


Shirley Chisholm revolutionized America and became a revolutionary woman known around the world as one of the top 10 most important women in the world which dismissed all negative notions of the potential of black America, as she constructed the foundation for a renewed and revolutionized American society.




Today Barack Obama has been accepted/adopted and popularized by white American media and society far ahead of getting any concrete facts and information of is presidential run.

American society has turned him into a pop-star (idiot) instead of a serious political candidate like Shirley Chisholm.


Hillary Clinton is a woman candidate who of course brings the potential of a woman candidate to the presidency of the USA, who naturally brings issues of black America to the presidency because of the shared Black America and women’s movements together because of the Shirley Chisholm presidential Campaign era of the early-mid. 70’s, where she carried the needs of everyone in the country.