Failed Black Lawyer Ted Landsmark fails to address racial discrimination/oppression and abuse of Black Alumni/students (graduates) at the all- white only educational institution called the Boston Architectural College/Center. Over the present and past years The BAC now defined themselves as The BAC Boston Apartheid Center of racism, discrimination and abuse has continued to promote the white only image and vision of architectural student/professionals,achievers and varous building advertisements and huge building posters.

Boycott The BAC!!

The BAC and the AIA continue fail in addressing and promoting diversity/Black/Americans in Architecture over the past 30 years.

“False/over-promoted black people/professionals (tokens) cannot change the face of Architecture”

Joseph Edgecombe, Architectural Scholar/Educator-Professional, Leader

BAC President fails to address oversight issues regarding Black student/alumni(graduates)/professionals Ted Landsmarks oversights led to the hanging/promotion of a racist building poster/banner-advertisement, much due to institutional misconduct and deception/fraudulent that has been going on for many years/recent past – at the segregated Boston Architectural Night-College/ center that continually promotes – a white-only image and vision and architecture and the City of Boston.

The center of racism in Boston: The Boston Architectural Center/night school (college/old boys club)

Joseph Edgecombe BS Business Administration/Management (BAC Oversight Committee Member/Alumni 2000)


Exposure Architecture –“Save The Institute” is about the protest and affairs regarding the demolition/razing of the John D. O’bryant African-American Institute at Northeastern University in Boston. The students protest regarding the plans the University had to demolish the Institute/Center rose to the level of various affairs in the media/press. As in the case of various urban/community-neighborhood developments where local concerned residents/activist play a major part in voicing urgent concerns about a proposed project — The same was true for Northeastern Universities Black student population.


May 10, 2012


Boycott The BAC!!

End the unfair & unethical practices at the Boston Architectural  College/Center (night school) that deprive Black Americans/other minorities of color of the rights for promotion, advancement and fair treatment. 

END RACISM IN BOSTON: Black American issues must be included and resolved not excluded and dismissed by architectural educational institutions. After 20-30 years of struggle for Diversity in Boston – the BAC continues to drive time backwards by displaying an all white-only student/building signage-advertisement which excludes Black Americans and other minorities struggling to be recognized as architectural achievers.

April 27, 2012 Obama to Cracks Down on Deceptive Practices by Colleges That Recruit Veterans “The Chronicle of Higher Education” – But he miss the target his efforts and miss the target and fails to address the needs of Black/African-Americans… who have become victims of corrupt and deceptive institutions such as the Anti-Black Boston Architectural Night/School-College/Center of passive-racism and disrespect.

ENDING RACISM IN BOSTON: Black American issues must be included and resolved not excluded and dismissed by architectural educational institutions

Protest and rally against racist building poster/banner-advertisement, institutional misconduct and deception/fraudulence at the segregated Boston Architectural Night-College/ center that promotes – a white-only image and vision and architecture and the city of Boston.

We need to change the architecture business /professional and industry by not promoting the same white-only images that were prevalent during the 1980’s. The time for critical address and change has come and we cannot let deviant-escapist/racist culture continue to dominate the future of Boston and America.

We need to end racism in Boston by targeting racist institutions that promote hidden subliminal racist advertisement /propaganda and marketing that promotes a white-only image/vision of architecture and the city of Boston. Our passive Mayor Menino is blind to the facts of racism in Boston as well as BAC president Ted Landsmark.

Therefore we the people and leadership of Black Boston must protest against racist activities at problematic, dysfunctional/racist, predominately white-elitist institutions such as The Boston Architectural Night-College/ center of (new form) racism in Boston.

We must be active in emphasizing that hidden and subliminal/covert racism is unacceptable, and covering-up racist – hostile, prejudiced acts of misconduct by staff/faculty and administration will not be tolerated.

We must Change the negative-abusive/racist culture at problematic educational institutions such as the (racist) Boston Architectural Night-School /College and therefore address the failed leadership of racist and prejudiced institutions & organizations around Boston by asking the failed leaders – often token Black Americans such as Ted Landmark to step down, resign and make room for new leadership, new direction and new vision.

Joseph Edgecombe – National Urban Affairs Architect/Scholar, BSBM/BSIB

END RACISM IN BOSTON: Black American issues must be included and resolved not excluded and dismissed by architectural educational institutions after 20-30 years of struggle for diversity.


Boycott the BAC!!
Doing the Wrong Thing: The BAC – Boston Architectural Center (of racism) fails to “do the right thing”! The BAC has failed to promote the image of Black/African-American student-architects and other minorities on huge buil…ding/wall advertisement.Unwelcoming to Black Americans: Since the racial issues/problems and challenges of the all-white is right 1980’s and after over 20-30 years of struggle for progress for diversity and acceptance there is still “No change and No Representation” for the promotion/advertisement of the image of Black Americans at the BAC – Boston Architectural Center (of racism)/night school continues to advance a white-only policy of promotion/advancement & marketing by hanging a huge white-only student advertisement.


The DISHONEST & UNFAIR Boston Architectural  College – Center /Club?

Reforming Dishonesty and Unfairness/Unfair-Unethical Practices at the (so-called) Boston Architectural  College – Center /(Old Boys) Club

Blueprint for Reform Part 1 –

New Standards of Ethics, Responsibility & Accountability 

Resolutions & Recommendations on Justice –

The remodeling, reforming and rebuilding of the Boston Architectural Center / Night  College

By Joseph C. Edgecombe, Educational & Architectural Scholar



A New Revolution for a New Millennium

The Black Architectural Revolution (BAR)-An Emancipation Proclamation/Project

A new foundation for a new millennium

Due to the fact of the prevalence, evidence, racism discrimination, bigotry, negligence, coercion and misinformation in the architectural education and professional fields – steps and actions must be taken to correct inequality and injustices in the profession of Architecture.


Therefore the following resolutions and recommendations are to be made true.

Resolution 1.0 CRISIS

Recognition of major crisis & racial problems in architectural education and the industry

Young black/Afro-Americans are suffering to consequences of an industry which has not adopted itself to the post-civil rights era environment in society (modern society). They suffer from old and dominant networks of separation and segregation which is a form of apartheid and discriminatory behavior which has always been and still is prevalent and the professional and academic environments of architecture which destroys their financial and academic livelihood. Other institutions could benefit from this type of initiative as well.

Resolution 2.0 CAUSE / FAULT

Recognition & Research of the causes of the faults of the architecture industry

The Boston Architectural Center needs to recommend procedures and policy to put a stop to rampant racism, exploitation and discrimination in the architectural field.


Resolution 3.0 PROCEEDURE

The need the take procedures / steps to stop prejudice & prejudiced-racist/biased grading

Adopt policy and procedures for afro-Americans to put a stop to race based derogatory grading and treatment against black/Afro-Americans and falsely based preferential / special treatment and over-grading of white American and (new) foreign students.

Resolution 4.0 REMEDY

The need to make hygienic remedy and take care of neglected issues and students

Return all tuition paid by Black/Afro-American Students who have invested (as consumers) in their education at the BAC, but were unfairly and poorly treated or cheated or coerced out of receiving their degree(s), and or fair treatment/correction and transfer of proper grades.

Resolution 5.0 ACTION

Take actions to investigate and solve possible career damaging actions to the students because of the problems of the staffs lack of student respect

Research, review and correct all records for discriminatory, racist and biased based grades given to Afro-American students and a proper means towards repair their educational and professional careers.

Resolution 6.0 HONOR

Honor all students, who have sacrificed their time and their lives to study architecture for the development of society.

Recommend the advancement, promotion and adjudication of victims of dishonest behavior and degrading propaganda promotion.

Resolution 7.0 CREATE / MISSION

Use creative research to solve academic & institutional problems especially when concerning Afro-American students.

Create a mission statement and project to correct and research all Black/Afro-American student records with a notification that an investigative research is taking place and that the school apologizes if unfair procedures and malpractice has affected their career in a negative manner and caused them financial or educational plight.

Resolution 8.0 GRANT

Grant certificates or documentations of achievement to emphasize accomplishments and professional levels and to avoid neglect of student scholarship

The granting and recommendations of neglected achievements should also take place in the academic form of associates, bachelors, master’s degrees and/or certificates for achievements at all steps, stages and levels of the school – Review  approval (4/5, 6/7 & 8/9) or educational advancements/recognition (or referral).

Resolution 9.0 CHANGE

Create and address change from out-dated old school and antiquated thought processes which have gone out of contemporary fashion

The BAC should also announce a change of fashion in the way they conduct, and display themselves in order to make the architectural environment conducive to the need black Afro-Americans to ensure a productive and expeditious environment exists and better interactivity /communication is created.

Resolution 10.0 ESTABLISH

Establish afro-American councils to assist and specify the adjudication of possible and evident problems.

Establish an office and group/committee on Afro-American affairs to ensure that specific grievances are not white washed into the unreal invisibility of fictional stories of de-facto school address.

Resolution 11.0 MONITOR

Use self-monitoring strategies to eliminate deviant and destructive behavior

Constantly address the failures of the Boston Architectural Center (BAC) in order to improve any negative atmosphere that may exist between the staff/faculty instructors and the students in order to keep the students and the school competitive and active.

Resolution 12.0 SUPPORT

Support the ambition of students and do not oppose or over-impose faculty ideals on the students dreams and ambitions of career development esp. Afro-Americans.

Uphold the values, interest and convictions of the students and their ethnic importance, because without the students there would be no staff, faculty, instructors/professors or center.

Resolution 13.0 REALIZE

Realize the Potential of all students esp. Afro-Americans in architecture/studies try to bring out the best in them instead of prosecuting them for perceived minor faults or overwhelming situations and/or extenuating circumstances. These students are to be the architects of our future in more than one way.

Many Black/African American students are the pioneers from their communities or cities seeking to become not just a degreed architect/practitioner for the professional “status”, but seek to become an architect of the future of their communities and to meet the needs of the city in which they live or the international/developing community in which the communicate and share interactions of concern.

Resolution 14.0 ENSURANCE

Ensure Afro-American Students that their talents will not be put to waste.

Ensure Afro-American Students that they will not be overlooked and become the subject of victimization and their efforts will not be thrown away or eliminated like an unwanted virus or disease Afro- Americans are of the most artistically creative and talented people on this planet earth and the world will lose this talent if jealousy and bigotry take reign and effect the development of our future as civilized society.



These resolutions and recommendations are addressed to the Boston Architectural Center because of their need to improve the record of mistreatment and unfair procedures against Black/Afro-Americans.


Blueprint for Reform Part 2 –

Restructuring the academic program as yearly steps towards graduation, Freshman to Senior

& Pre-graduate/Independent Professional (Thesis Project)

The BLUEPRINT for Reforming the BAC- towards the National Standard – College levels of accomplishments – New ranking implementation of Freshman/Foundation, Sophomore, Junior, Senior and/or Pre-Graduate Levels.

Rev. 1/13/2010 (December 2011)

Bringing Educational REFORM, CHANGE and improvement to the problematic educational system/program at Boston Architectural College…

Reforming the BAC by getting the BAC on the right track:

The BAC has very low graduation and retention rates far below National Standards – therefore the school has a high fall-out/drop-out and/or transfer rate because the program/system is poorly designed and is often a waste of a student’s time /bad investment for achieving students who could have gone to another school/college to excel/receive their degree without the problems that are created by the faulty program/staff and problematic leadership at the BAC.

Often the system at the BAC leads student backward instead of forward in the professional workplace.

Therefore, Reforming the BAC by getting the BAC on the right track by demanding /challenging the BAC to follow the U.S. College National Standards of promotion/recognition of student achievement & success toward graduation is in order because students at the BAC are getting the shaft and being cheated and manipulated out of their educational investment by the failed structure/system of the BAC program.

Additionally, the Associate degree is the foundation of academic accomplishment and the BAC is lacking this very important and critical degree – in the steps of students matriculating and becoming successful Architectural Professionals in today’s very busy workplace (without this degree the student does not have any foundation to stand upon in a long program such as the BAC’s or if any issues arise on the path to the Bachelors’ Degree.

The BAC has yet to offer an Associate’s degree for students who have passed the 4/5 level during their program at the BAC, although they have passed the Associates level and are moving toward a Bachelors level, they are still left without holding a Degree or Certificate that they can present in the workplace in which they are employed and are moving ahead,
without this degree the student does not have any foundation to stand upon in a long program such as the BAC has- without the associates degree BAC students are losing ground in the workplace and the problematic/failed program of the BAC works against the success of student/professionals who are therefore often seen as less than associates in the Architectural workplace especially if you are a Black/Minority or African-American.

To the Attention of the President and the Board of Directors of the BAC:

320 Newbury Street, Boston MA 02115 – Regarding Critical needs and improvements to the BAC Program/Education System

By: Joseph C. Edgecombe:                                                            Rev. 1/13/2010


The Blueprint for Change & Reform at the Boston Architectural Center

The Associates Degree is the Foundation of Success in the workplace without an associate degree the BAC is depriving Architectural student/professionals true success and independence in the competitive business world or the practice of Architecture and Design.

Proposed Associate Degree Process/Current BAC Programs are amended to Facilitate Freshman/Foundation Year to Sophomore Levels of Accomplishment


Proposed Bachelor’s Degree Process/Current BAC Programs are amended to Facilitate Sophomore, Junior and Senior/Pre-graduate Levels of Accomplishment

After completed 47 credits in Segment 1 and 13-15 credits in segment 2 or approx. 60-62 academic credits along with the work curriculum, the student can move on the BAC Bachelor’s Degree process /Program and options for concentration or specialty.

Certificate Awards: 3 Certificates recognizing Academic and Professional Progress which students can bring to their home or workplace of recognition their achievements.

Associates Level Completion: 4/5 Sophomore Level / General Educational/Portfolio Review – Certificate (Sophomore Level)

Proposed AAS Associates of Architectural Studies for the Boston Architectural College

Amendment of Architectural Programming for Associates Degree/3-3.5 year Certificate of academic accomplishment based on the 4 year American college degree standard of recognition in professional business

Proposal by Joseph C. Edgecombe, BAC Alumni – Appeals Graduate 1990

11/1/2008 (11/19/08 updated)

The New Priorities: Fair-minded recognition of accomplishments instead of confusing/denying accomplishments/progress

The Granting Of Certificates and Degrees of Accomplishments

  • 4/5 Certificate
  • 6/7 Certificate
  • Associate of Architecture & Design Degree/Professional Certificate (3 years of professional work/practice and academic progress/accomplishments)
  • 8/9 Pre-graduate Admittance (graduate-prep)/Certificate

Freshman and Sophomore (start/completion) Levels

Certificate Awards: 2 Certificates recognizing Academic and Professional Progress which students can bring to their home or workplace of recognition their achievements.

  • Freshman Level – 2 years of Academic Study, and Preparation for 4/5 Portfolio Review
  • 4/5 Sophomore Level – General Educational/Portfolio Review – Certificate (Sophomore level)
  • 6/7 Work Curriculum/Practice Review- Certificate (Sophomore -to- Junior B. Arch Level)

Architectural Studies Degree, Foundation of Architecture Degree:

  • Interdisciplinary Associates of HTC in Architectural Design Studies
  • Associates of Architectural Design Studies or Media & Technology


Proposed Bachelor’s Degree Process/Current BAC Programs are amended to Facilitate Sophomore, Junior and Senior Levels of Accomplishment

Sophomore Completion:  Junior and Senior Levels

Start / Entrance into Bachelor’s Degree Programs

  • PRACTICE: 6/7 Junior Level / Work Curriculum/Practice Review- Certificate (Junior Level)

DESIGN (Architecture):

  • Bachelors of Design Studies/Students – Concentration or Specialty/Major, Partial completion of Work /Practice Study/Program
  • Junior Year: Complete all academic requirements to enter Final BDS year/Senior (Project) year.


  • Bachelors of Architecture Students, Full Completion of Work /Practice – Study/Program
  • Junior Year: Complete all academic requirements to enter the 8/9 Senior Level / Portfolio Review – Certificate

Enter-Senior Level/Final Academic Year (BDS Degree Option)

  • Design Pre-Grad. Project Final Written or  Design Project Option

Advanced Architectural Pre-Graduate / Independent Level (Old Pre-Thesis Level)

Enter: Bachelors of Architecture – Concentration or Specialty/Major

  • Pre-Graduate/Independent Student Program requirements (Pre-Thesis/Old Program)
    • Grad. Project Final Written or  Design Project Option

Enter: Masters of Architecture Program

Diversity and Academic Issue Note & School Structural Administrative Problems: (Late 1980’s-90’s)

The BAC should also give consideration to past dedicated students who did not benefit from receiving an associate’s degree or review certificate (at the midpoint of their attendance) as they advanced in their careers.

Additionally: the BAC will note that students who have in the past times of transitional staff and faculty (Late 1980’s-90’s) and due process who may not have received their Bachelor Degree and attained pre-graduate/graduate status at the 8/9 Level  (8/9 review/approval and course/program completion) or Appeals Committee  approval  and documentation toward graduation from the BAC – Shall be recognized as having the skills, education and experience beyond most Bachelor’s Degree programs at most colleges and therefore be recognized as excelling in the program and by recognized as an equivalency degree Graduate of the BAC – without further a delay. Also with regard to racial issues of graduation and due process the BAC should recognize that there are issues of diversity in the field of Architecture and that person of color or African-American decent should be respected in attempting to resolve issues regarding race and not disrespected, dismissed or disqualified.


The linkage of Art/Drafting, Design, and Art history can be combined architecturally including Architecture/ Interior Design, Graphics/Photography and portfolio studies and CADD/ Computer aided design etc, This Interdisciplinary approach can equal an Associate’s  Degree or degree’s in the field of Currently there are only a few schools/colleges that offer an Associate’s degree in Architectural studies.

The BAC has yet to offer an Associate’s degree for students who have passed this level during their program at the BAC,  although they have passed the associates level and are moving toward a bachelors level they are still left without  holding a degree  that they can present in the workplace in which they are employed and are moving ahead. In many situations an Associate’s degree in architectural studies may be need to secure their path to a successful future. And since the BAC program is longer than most college 4 year programs it would only make fair sense to equip BAC students with Associates degree in order to give them a secure foundation for their future.

Proposed Curriculum: Interdisciplinary Associates of HTC in Architectural Design Studies:

Total 60-62 Academic credits for completion (54-62).

  • 47 credits in Segment I, 13-15 credits in Segment II, 3-3.5 years, along with the Work Curriculum/Progress

Freshman: Completion of Segment I/ 47 credits

  • Architectural / Design Studios, The academic component of the curriculum encompasses both Liberal Studies and professional education specific to architecture (Design Studio, History and Theory, Technology and Management, Visual Studies, and Thesis). The Design Studio sequence is at the core of the curriculum.
  • In Segment I, students follow the BAC’s design and liberal studies foundation curriculum consisting of design and visual studies, writing and analysis, math and physics, and history and theory of design.
    • In Segment I – Foundation, students acquire basic knowledge, skills, and awareness in both general and professional education.

Sophomore: Partial Completion of Segment II / 13-15 credits

  • In Segment II, students focus on their selected concentration of study. In addition, students continue their education in the liberal arts with studies in social and physical sciences, humanities, and an array of general elective courses of their choice.
    • In Segment II – Integration, students explore — in breadth and depth — the field of architecture. Emphasis is on integrating skills, knowledge, and awareness

At approx. the half-way point through segment 2 the student  completes their Associates level of degree studies, that is after completing the 4/5 Design Studio review and the work curriculum (6/7 Review) and 1-2 (Advanced) C level Design studio’s which  is the completion of 5/6  Design Studios.

  • In the practice component of the curriculum, students work in area firms to earn a total of 54 credits.

The completion of 4/5 Design Studios (along with the 6/7) marks the (Advanced Professional) Associates Degree level of design and the progress of the student. At this point of the progress and review, having completed 47 credits in Segment 1 and 13-15 credits in Segment 2. 

Completion of the Associates Degree / Sophomore to Junior Level for Bachelor’s Degree

The Associates degree can be awarded as a merit of basic accomplishment in the Architectural Profession.

The Associates degree could be completed in (3-3.5 years). This would give the student the proper foundation and the support needed to progress in the workplace and be recognized as an achievement oriented person.

If the student does not have at least an associate’s degree after 4 years of college and/or work experience – excelling and surviving in the professional workplace could prove to take a negative turn, therefore since the BAC does not and has never in the past given any certificates or symbols of display documentation of approval or completion of the 4/5 portfolio, 6/7 work/practice curriculum, or the 8/9 portfolio approval or completion – I would recommend the following:

In order to be fair and ethical about the level of achievement of BAC student’s abilities, the BAC should now grant the Associates Degree in order to recognize that BAC students have made significant progress over a 3-4 year period in both professional and academic environments toward the Bachelor’s Degree and toward accomplishments in the professional world of the workplace.

  • Further Course study would go toward the Bachelor’s Degree and toward completing IDP requirements through NCARB in Washington ton DC. (Note: ref. BAC website)

Joseph Edgecombe, B. Arch. BAC Alumni – Special Appeals Graduate 1990,                                    617-905-9218

Rev 12/4/2010 JCE

Undergraduate Program:  Basic Plan – Design (General Plan)

  • Undergraduate Architecture & Design Studies Programs:

Year 1, Foundation/Freshman 1, Year: Academic –Only Program/Intro. – Year, Day Program

Year 1-2, Freshman 2, Year(s): First & Second Full Year of Practice and Education

Year 3, Sophomore Year: (After Passing 4/5 Review) Achievement of Associates Degree

Year 4, Junior Year: (After Passing 6/7 Review)/ Achievement of Adv. Student -Professional Status

  • Completion of all Academic & Professional requirements to enter Senior/Final Year

Year 5/6, Senior Year/Senior Project Final Year: 

  • BDS Design Studies-Various Degrees, Final Year/Academic Completion Year

BDS Architecture – Design Degree Program/Completion: (Advance to B. Arch. Degree Option)

Year 5/6, Design Pre-Graduate/Project Final Year(s): (After Passing 8/9 Review)

  • BDS Architecture  – Final Year /Academic Completion Year

Bachelor of Architecture Degree Program/Completion: 

Year 7, Advanced Architecture Studies Pre-Graduate Project/Independent Year(s):

  •  (Pre)Professional Bachelor of Architecture Degree



By The FACTS Assoc. eXchange – A  Progressive Black Community Development Association


From Shirley Chisholm 1972 to Barack Obama 2008: Campaigns for Change in America

The 36 Year Struggle to Create Change in America Our American Nation –

Joseph C Edgecombe,           

Educating America: People, Power & Politics


BLACK ARCHITECTURE MONTH 2009:The 36 Year Struggle


A National Campaign for Community Development & Rebuilding America Movement/Plan



This conference investigates the progress of America and the African-Americans as a community of progressive people in the United States as well as  the Afro-American /Black (& minority) Architect, Designer/planner on the architectural scene / world landscape – also the course verifies through reading and participation, we analyze weather Afro- American (Architectural) professionals  are part of the American Infrastructure or American Dream and history, or are they a part of  American Myths and fallacy of a fictional non-factual American propaganda of invisibility of Racial diversity. The question of an American Crisis in world architectural diversity and being a class of survivalist – composed or outcast culture or world invisibility who are juxtaposed to the mainstream American dream is also in question as we form the foundation and frontiers of this new millennium of society and culture.

The symposium/ conference and festival is a weekly experience into the world of progressive architecture/development and progressive urban/community planning – establishing a standard guide or foundation of understanding of how these professionals manage to survive and compete to be in the successful mainstream of business and events. Black/Afro-American Architectural Professionals are facing a world built against them and this course is pursues how to go about creating awareness and consciousness of cultural heritage / U.S. historical progress. The near turn of the century progress which makes this country a factual whole and not a fictional glossed over reality – superficial nation or false image based myth generating culture is also studied in projecting the next century of architecture and culture in U.S. /American and world cultures.

Ebbing into the future and leaping into the future is a question of architecture and race as the class progresses we will verify and study if the black race has been handicapped and held back from this architectural leap into the future, present mainstream business/recognition and technical and artistic dream.

The question of foreign and white American dominance is studied, as we verify the creative genius and power of this country and who possesses it and why America has chosen not to promote the creative architectural/artistic genius of the population and profession of black architecture.

Americans economic Power and pride also belongs to black America, but if black architecture/culture is outcast an a victim of racism, disempowerment and a history of neglect – is America losing it’s world identification, place, power and viability as a progressive nation? Email:


Go to fullsize image

Shirley Chisholm Educator- Politician, EDUCATING AMERICA:

The original change candidate has already made history but the American press and political news media/shows seems to be in denial or non-recognition of the history of this – our American country In the 70’s Shirley Chisholm founded the new America… Shirley Chisholm 1972, The Catalyst of Change and Our Political Leader Forever. The Dream Part 1….. This is a past posting but it does show how important an underdog candidate such as John Edward can play very, very important roles in presidential and election politics Shirley Chisholm taught us about this strategy and I hope America learns the lessons about delegates and politics which Shirley Chisholm gave us all…God Bless Her. Barack Obama 2008 must learn from past political leader of 1972 From: THE UNDENIABLE POLITICAL-LEADERSHIP OF SHIRLEY CHISHOLM Follow the Chisholm Trail: The current (Democratic) Candidates lack the stage presence, articulate, and powerful electrifying performance of true Leaders such as Shirley Chisholm. The original change candidate has already made history but the American press and political news media/shows seems to be in denial or non-recognition of the history of this – our American country. In the 70’s Shirley Chisholm founded the new America… which the media is trying to deny or destroy…The similarities of Vietnam and Iraq and the Nixon era politics and Bush era politics and the politics of Black America cannot be denied… and therefore the founder of the Change Campaign of Shirley Chisholm (and democratic nominee George McGovern) cannot be neglected. A Country that cannot build upon its past cannot construct a future. In the memory and honor of Shirley Chisholm’s Groundbreaking and Landmark Campaign for Change, and as the 1972 Chisholm trail – Presidential Campaign – trail-blazed the path through-out this country for others such as Jesse Jackson and Barack Obama. I hope to set the record straight by establishing that the foundation, founder and catalyst for change is and was the 1st black/woman presidential candidate Shirley Chisholm, and now hope that Barack Obama carries on the baton that has been passed to him for change in this country as well. John Edwards and Hillary Clinton also share this responsibility which Shirley Chisholm has made for them. Barack Obama, John Edwards and Hillary Clinton are all good candidates but the person who stands out above all of them is Shirley Chisholm’s and her electrifying and groundbreaking campaign of 1972 when Richard Nixon ran on the republican ticket and George McGovern was the democratic nominee…and Shirley Chisholm was the candidate and catalyst for CHANGE IN AMERICA as SHE CHANGED AMERICAN HISTORY and the future course of the country. She is the model for all of the other candidates to emulate or give tribute. The question of black leadership still exists, so far the question is if black/ african-americans are going to be voting for Hillary Clinton, wife of the first president (accepted as being Black) or Barack Obama – a black candidate who’s parents are racially different Kenyan-African/black and white American woman from Kansas. but as we all know curly hair and light of dark complexion means that your a black man and your are treated or perceived negatively by American society from your childhood through becoming an adult and the worse as you advance into your career/ or you suffer from past facial tactics and biases. Therefore being black often means you are Black listed often, treated unfairly, mistreated or treated deconstructively while others are often promoted fraudulently or constructively. Accept if you’re promoted for diversity reasons. But in this case all of your struggles and accomplishments are overlooked and you are seen as filling a position not because of your accomplishments but because of the color of your skin. Which brings us to today’s political topic (more or less).Often times the white/mainstream adopt a black person as their own and treat/promote them so specially that they separate them from the (priorities of the) flock. This person is often seen as a house (Negro) or (Uncle Tom) someone who has lost all of their cultural and historical values and has become a casualty of the important agenda. (In a few words).Black Americans are often faced with the challenge of voting for the underdog in political campaigns with the agenda of making a statement to the world or American society. White people often vote for underdogs but they could be potential winners Black people often vote for underdogs but they are losers who have no chance of winning or making a statement, in essence nearly useless in American society. Shirley Chisholm revolutionized America and became a revolutionary woman known around the world as one of the top 10 most important women in the world which dismissed all negative notions of the potential of black America, as she constructed the foundation for a renewed and revolutionized American society. TODAY….Today Barack Obama has been accepted/adopted and popularized by white American media and society far ahead of getting any concrete facts and information of is presidential run. American society has turned him into somewhat a pop-star instead of a serious political candidate like Shirley Chisholm. Hillary Clinton is a woman candidate who of course brings the potential of a woman candidate to the presidency of the USA, who naturally brings issues of black America to the presidency because of the shared black America and women’s movements together because of the Shirley Chisholm presidential Campaign era of the early-mid. 70’s, where she carried the needs of everyone in the country. Black AMERICA (is…very Serious)It would seem that the underdog here is John Edwards who the media has neglected like a potential black candidate, also the media has denied his john Kennedy like characteristics while over promoting Obama’s Lincoln similarities which is totally insane. Shirley Chisholm has created the revolution in America and changed the country from it’s racist a male-gender oriented history, and she has created the America we live in today. Not necessarily Martin Luther king who dissevers his credit especially in the south, but the national and world agenda belongs to Shirley Chisholm, at the dawn of our advanced economy in the 70’s Shirley Chisholm founded the new America… which the media is trying to destroy… so if the Media is looking for a revolutionary leader it is not Abraham Lincoln but it is Shirley Chisholm, who has created the society we all enjoy Today.

4 Years Later 2009 – Solutions for Rebuilding New Orleans : 

Addressing Americas Urban Crisis Challenge: Black History, Architecture and Urban Culture

And Solutions for Rebuilding New Orleans

By Joseph C. Edgecombe, Urban Scholar


  • Our National History – Summary
  • Black Architecture Perspectives: Afro/African-American Culture (Urban Politics)
  • Conclusion: The Challenge of Rebuilding New Orleans: The Social-Political and Economic challenge of creating the goal of Architectural Justice for all.

Our National History – Summary

In address of today’s urban and Architectural/socio-economic affairs I am convening/advocating a landmark summit to address social historical and architectural-economic and cultural (political) issues and problems we face as an aspiring modern society of free people striving for equality, justice, freedom and understanding which in many ways has not been granted.

All concerned should be interested and willing to participate in this post civil rights and post corporate diversity world we live in today we must conquer the problems that plague urban America the world and Africa  if we are to the leaders and the true architects of the future of society.

We must set the path for others to follow as leaders do, but we must not only lead but create the future M.L.K. had the will and audacity to have a new dream which, and Marcus Garvey  had the spirit of independence and along with Malcolm X and others of the previous Harlem Renaissance and the Black arts and literature movement set the tone for revolutionizing the 20th century, which was accomplished but has not been recognized still by may, it’s as if Nelson Mandela was still in jail or the Emancipation proclamation was nothing but a letter to Uncle Sam the good old USA. But in consideration of Shirley Chisholm’s groundbreaking, courageous and unprecedented 1972 Campaign for the Presidency of the United States where she founded the change movement as a political-Architect of change – this is not old America or the good old USA this is a new century and millennium and America is a renewed country just as if we were to renew an old deteriorating building that was falling apart and was in severe need of architects to rebuild the infrastructure and remodel the building and save it from collapsing.

Let us come together and gather and become the new nation of achievers that revived old cities and communities and breathed new life into old politics of place and past generations and form the future because we have to function because if there is no function there is no form, we must be able to sculpt our future as African artist create afro-centric artwork and make great works of art out of stone and wood. We as the architects of the future must do the same, not for glorification but the attribution of the creative process which is to make something out of what many people disregard as nothing., in essence we must find the gems and domains that lay in the old mines of the urban environment and skillfully reengineer the hidden qualities of the potentiality of an Architectural Investigation urban problems and urban blight. To succeed is to accomplish step by step gaining momentum not all at once but in time building to a greater cause with every accomplishment. Our cause is our future and we must build it in the words of Malcolm X by any means necessary. We are the new Afro-nation and we must build together the we have lost much of our past but not our future “Sankofa” We can build a great society the great society many have fought for except this one stretches beyond borders and country lines and color lines.

We can begin at home but we must also address the potential of the New World Society, we are now One World technologically linked. We must make this our Architectural Mission.

Black Architecture: Urban Justice for Urban Communities (Urban Politics)

Dedicated Black architectural professionals have been unrecognized in the fight against discrimination and neglect by mainstream American society but have demonstrated an outstanding track record of accomplishments and have provided the cultural integrity and leadership necessary in a peaceful effort to guide society and the architectural profession in the right direction of urban justice for urban communities.

Acknowledging the disparity, gap and crisis in the field of architecture and the need to address the need for more access, education, exposure and the promotion of black architecture and the creative achievements of the field which benefit our world and urban communities. As concerned citizens concerned about our future we need to give

recognition and honor to our black architects and architectural professionals who serve society in many different ways and in uncompromising  and honorable fashion who are dedicated to building society for the betterment of our future. We must ensure that we are educated about the facts of the progressive black architectural culture in our cities and  communities where we all live and we must remember to recognize that they too are  the catalyst and leaders who facilitate and poses the knowledge and technology of creating the urban and architectural renaissance necessary to save our communities from urban plight and decay…all contributions weather large or small are all apart of building and designing a better and brighter future for the of our city and country.


The Challenge of Rebuilding New Orleans: The Social-Political and Economic challenge of creating the goal of Architectural Justice for all.

In the effort to rebuild a major city and cultural Mecca  from hurricane deviation and broken levees, and the experience of government breakdown or government dysfunction we have corralled numerous  professional organizations and associations, community cause oriented groups,  not-for–profit organizations,  local  and national leaders, talented artists, celebrities and the concerned public, volunteers and voluntary organizations, media journalist and interested traveling individuals who see the cause to contribute to concern the rebuilding efforts by whatever means possible, not to mention foundations and humanitarian organizations which also have a large impact in the rebuilding effort. 

The City of  New Orleans faces the challenge  of making progressive strives on limited funds which may not meet the programmed goals of many of the plans which have been created and constructed as the means of planning the agenda  and formula to regenerate and develop a new…New Orleans.

100 years after the civil War the country found itself fighting the battle for civil rights and human rights of many in the US South and also fighting against racism against black America as the country moved into the progressive era of the 70’s as the country tried to create a united message instead finding that the divide state of America had left black America behind, left-out and not included in the progressive business of growing a prosperous country.

Many victims of the Katrina Hurricane have felt left-out and left behind by the US government because of poor reaction and poor response technically and administratively., repeating in a sense the issues of the civil rights movement some 40 years later. Approximately 140+ years after the civil war in many ways the United States still finds itself not only divided but drastically divided.

Now the challenge of America in rebuilding New Orleans is also rebuilding confidence in our American government and American society.

Presidential candidates have campaigned on the platform of the rebuilding effort in New Orleans.

But beyond these facts the facts of African American history still stand true as our National History, and the challenge of rebuilding New Orleans is not only administrative or governmental but multi-organizational including our educational institutions. Now we see that constructing and creating and managing the redevelopment and rebuilding of NOLA is more the rebuilding from the catastrophe of a storm …but it has become a coordination challenge of Architectural promotions which are comprehensive in nature and multifaceted and challenging.

We as a people can now see that re-building   a city is more than just the construction of building plans or building a political agenda or philosophy passed down to the people from the government.  It is the demand and challenge to meet the architectural goals – not only political goals of bring people and society together to build a future together.



Nation Builders – Winners of the Good Fight: Edward / Ted Kennedy joins Shirley Chisholm in rest… after fighting the good fight as the Political- Architects of Change and Modernization in America.

On Friday the 28th & Saturday August 29th many people as well as many of our well known past and present Democratic leaders and others said farewell to our Sen. Ted Kennedy in Boston, another political champion in American-Politics Shirley Chisholm would have been there also, but we can be sure she was watching from above. Now with both Shirley Chisholm and Ted Kennedy gone…. “The dream still lives on”…Sen. Ed. Kennedy (2008 DNC speech).

Ted Kennedy joins Shirley Chisholm as a champion for the cause of the needs people of this country, both have been magnetic, inspirational, tireless and outspoken leaders – dedicated the political renaissance of changing the backward state of the Divided State of America before the transitional times of the 1960’s to the new Progressive/Inclusive era of a United States after the 1960’s. Both overcame many odds to gain national political office during to 1960’s and rose to become the voice of the people in Washington DC by running effective Post 60’s Presidential Campaigns or agenda and both successfully-winning Congressional or Senatorial campaigns during the 60’s, Both of their timelines led America out of the turbulent, divided and deadly and uncivilized 1960’s which created a more progressive era and country for all Americans during the 1970’s (and 80’s). Both embraced a New Philosophies and ideologies for a new era for a Modern America instead of an antiquated America which would not live up to the words of the American Constitution. Equality – Equal Rights, Justice, Human Rights, and Civil Rights belongs to everyone in this country not just the privileged and preferred by class bias, by dominant race/ethnicity or dominant gender. Both Kennedy and Chisholm have fought “the good fight” better than all of their piers. “The Good Fight”…by Shirley Chisholm 1973.

We have a solid Foundation laid by the Political-Architects of Change and the new revolutionary evolution – in general born out of the urban-social and political events of the l950’s and 60’s both Kennedy and Chisholm:

Congresswoman/US Representative Shirley Anita Hill Chisholm, 1924-2005, US Senator Edward Moore Kennedy, 1932-2009

We have been left with the responsibility of being the Architects of the Dreams of the future of this country called the United States of America… with great loss comes great responsibility, an Architectural Responsibility….Joseph C. Edgecombe