The Predecessors of Change: Before Abraham Lincoln and Before Barack Obama there were others:


Black History Month Event:

On Wednesday, 25 February 2009, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM at the Massachusetts Historical Society,

Joseph Edgecombe, Independent Urban Scholar, will lead a Brown Bag Discussion on Historic Change Hosted by MHS “Change 101: Architects and Founders, the Dynamic Politics of William Lloyd Garrison and Shirley Chisholm”

Barack Obama’s recent wave of political popularity has taken the country by storm his rise onto the political scene during the past two years has been somewhat of an amazing experience for most Americans and the world. By winning the democratic nomination for president and then nominated for President elect Obama moved on to be inaugurated president of the United States on January 20th. 2009 in a very historic manner. The momentum of consecutive support by the American public has given him a political platform that not many have shared. Public admiration has catapulted him into the American and world spotlight as he proposes to act on his campaign promises to bring change to America and address not only the nation’s economic crisis but the social agenda of bringing the country together on common goals. Historic figures such as John Kennedy, FDR, and Abraham Lincoln have been referred to as comparative or similar historical figures or leaders as well as Civil Rights Movement magnet Maltin Lither King.

Mass media has controlled the past two years of news coverage along with the acceptance of new generation media and internet technologies. Barack was not well known from the start and the public was taken by his dressed look, slim profile and somewhat articulate or very good speaking manner. The change agenda eventually dominated the campaign agenda during the campaign season and all candidates’ agreed that America needed to be changed and America has many problems to be addressed even the international community welcomed the change agenda for America.

 The discussion will be based around the questions of what is so wrong with America that everybody wants to bring about change to such a historically rich country, what’s the Problem? Is it assassination or neglect of true leaders or is America’s leadership and politics based on winning a popularity contest based on rhetoric themes of hope instead of fact.

Nelson Mandela is a true transformational political world figure and leader who has created change not only in South Africa or on the African continent but also worldwide. Has America ever has any leaders of change who had risen to the national and world spotlight? If so why have they been assassinated by mainstream media, does America have a problem fitting into world and cultural leadership because without the past we would not have our present or the future?

The Predecessors of Change: is the topic as we investigate the question Has America forgotten about the true Architects and Founders of change who addressed and created the change necessary in this country for the American democracy to still exist over for over 200 years under a constitution (and bill of rights) that has always in question of living up to its truthfulness and especially its meaning and obligations to Black/African-America (Afro-Americans). Mistakes were made at the Presidential Inauguration/Swearing In – does black America now have an opportunity to contest issues and rights that have been neglected by mainstream institutional establishments and does black America now have a voice?

Both Shirley Chisholm and William Lloyd Garrison are Historic American and World figures and leaders of Change during the critical times that changed America for the better so why have they been overlooked during today’s so-called time of change. Is it not time for Shirley Chisholm again?