Blueprints and the Holocaust

September 26, 2009

Thursday , August 27, 2009, AP: BERLIN —  Architectural plans for the Auschwitz death camp that were discovered in Berlin last year were handed over to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday for display at Israel’s Holocaust memorial.

The Blueprints: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as he says he is an academic leader, everything in the popular political press or historical say does not mean the same to him, especially since he is an Iranian with a different religious or historical view of Jewish people or the Jewish Diaspora (which are the German Jews. A simple analogy..Some say tomato others say tomata, he calls the Holocaust (Jewish victims of the Racist Nazi State) an event instead, Blueprints are the proof but ideologies / perspectives could still be different. Another parallel is slavery, the enslavement of African in America and around the globe/Pan Africa- The African Diaspora and the loss of millions of African lives during the transatlantic shipment of Africans headed for enslavement. The African Holocaust is often denied by many non-afrocentric /mainstream Americans, which is often an academic issue. I as an architect/black architect can say that blueprints are the plans for the designs for the general building of not only homes or buildings, but for the productive building of nations and a nations socio-political philosophies. To put it simply the use of blueprints in a counter-productive manner could be used to destroy a peoples, nation or a society, so therefore let us as a civil society not be the Architects of destruction, which is not limited to Hitler’s Nazi Regime State but other type of illogical or racist behavior which still exist today or which is imbedded in today’s institutions.

Link: Auschwitz Blueprints Given to Israeli Prime Minister,,2933,543560,00.html

The sketches are initialed by the head of the SS, Heinrich Himmler, and Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Hoess. The Waffen-SS (German for “Armed SS”, literally “Weapons SS”) was the combat arm of the Schutzstaffel (“Protective Squadron”) or SS, an organ of the Nazi Party.abbreviated SS– or Runic "SS".  Source: wikipedia

Gen. Scource: CNN / Larry King Live