A Sanctuary for Racism? The Segregated Boston Architectural Center/ (College of misconduct and racial prejudice)

What time is it? Sign of the times: It’s time to clean-up The Boston Architectural Center (old boys club) / The center of racism and hostile activity against black achievers in Boston

In Boston Architecture must be a Racket for criminal activity / racketeering, preferential treatment, promotion of a white-only policy of advertizement and degrading treatment of Black-American alumni?

The negative forces opposed/against Doing the Right Thing and DARK SIDE Architectural – Organizations such as Ted Landsmark & The Boston Architectural / Apartheid Center/school must be brought to justice.

Doing the Wrong Thing: The BAC – Boston Architectural Center (of racism) fails to “do the right thing”! The BAC has failed to promote the image of Black/African-American student-architects and other minorities on huge building/wall advertisement.

Unwelcoming to Black Americans: Since the racial issues/problems and challenges of the all-white is right 1980’s and after over 20-30 years of struggle for progress for diversity and acceptance there is still “No change and No Representation” for the promotion/advertisement of the image of Black Americans at the BAC – Boston Architectural Center (of racism)/night school continues to advance a white-only policy of promotion/advancement & marketing by hanging a huge white-only student advertisement.