April 28, 2015


RICO oriented colleges in Boston are giving a dis-service to Black students/scholars.

RACKETEERING, CHEATING and INFLUENCE IN BOSTON…often seen as the most racist city in America…SMOOTH CRIMINALS at The BAC.

A lack of focus by Boston Globe staff, columnists, writers and journalists leaves the most racist college Boston – The Boston Architectural College/the center of racism, racketeering and misconduct in Boston free of criticism as other schools colleges and universities are being labeled or stereotyped as racist or non-diverse for black students. The racially problem plagued and dysfunctional Boston Architectural College (which should be closed down) is still failing to ensure that the past/present black student population are not being cheated out of due process toward receiving their degree(s) and advancing onto their professional ambitions/fields of business without being undermined, degraded, marginalized and detoured from their ambitions though various forms of covert or hidden racism.



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